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We offer a very extensive range of services for marine vessels. We specialise in a wide range of marine interior services using a wide range of quality products. We can work offsite or onsite.

We use the correct products for the job. Marine products have to have high UV resistance, mold resisting qualities and also be rugged and durable enough to stand up to the salty environment.

What sets us apart from our competition is that our products are not off the shelf and are manufactured by us in our workshop, which allows us to work closely with you to deliver to your requirements. We keep you engaged in the project from start to finish.

When the job is complete you know what you are going to get and you know that it is going to be what you want.

  • Boat canopies.
  • Storage covers.
  • Road covers.
  • Cockpit covers.
  • Storage boots.
  • Radar arch canopies and ‘sport’ canopies.
  • Fully enclosed ‘weekender’ canopies that cover the entire cockpit.
  • Fold down or fixed position soft tops/sport tops.
  • Clears, zip down, roll up, fold away or removable.
  • Sport tops, walk through canopies and much more.
  • Fenders for use on marina berths (fixed or unfixed).
Able Tasman Water Taxi Canopy Backdrop (L 0u) 1
Backdrop 1Boat Camping Solutions
Backdrop And Windscreen Protector 1Boat Canopy(lfDc) 1
Pontoon Custom Canvas Cover 1Alloy Dingy PVC Road Cover 1
Boat Back Drop(ABdG) 1Boat Back Drop 1
Boat Canopies 1Boat Canopy(TWuc) 1
Boat Canopy 1Boat Canopy 12
Te Anau Commercial BoatBreathable Canvas Backdrop 1
Canopy Storage Boot 1Canopy Storage Bag 1
Protective CoverLight Weight Storage Cover 1
Canvas Cover 1Canvas Road Cover
Custom Boat Canopy 1Road Cover( Xlb) 1
Engine CoverBoat Canopy (6QU ) 1
PVC Canvas Back DropBoat Canopy With Side Windows
Osprey Boat Canopy With Side Screens 1Canvas Boat Covers 1
Boat Road Cover 1Canvas Backdrop Down To The Transom 1
Osprey Boat Canopy With Side Windows 1 Fiberglass Boat Canopy 1
Windscreen ProtectorTow Able Storage Cover 1
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