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Safe Screens is a product that has been developed by Mortimer Upholstery & Marine Covers. The purpose of this product is to provide an effective solution to screen off workshop doorways to the public. With the rise in awareness in H&S it is very important that members of the public don’t just walk into your workshop unattended. Safe Screens come in a range of sizes to suit the area you would like blocked off.

Benefits of Safe Screens include:

  • Ease of use.
  • Material that won’t damage vehicles or equipment.
  • The ability to use as advertising with your logo put onto the screen.
  • Effective barrier system that customers can’t step over.
  • Still provides light into the workshop.
  • Cuts out the wind into the workshop or factory.
  • Very price effective option compared to what is on the market.
  • Made in 3 size ranges to fit a range of doors.
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