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We’re hiring a wide range of durable tarps to the building, trades and construction industry. Our tarps are made with ripstop commercial quality PVC and are very well maintained.

We take care of our tarps by hanging them up checking for damage and making sure they are kept weather tight. When you hire a tarp from Mortimer’s you can rely on the quality.

Benefits of Mortimer Tarp Hire

  • Pick up and drop off service.
  • Based in Richmond.
  • Our tarps are in good condition with replenished new stocks.
  • No holes or leaking in your tarp guaranteed.
  • Heavy duty ropes.
  • Our tarps can be reduced in size onsite.
  • Hot air welded seems.
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Pickup and delivery service

If you are in a hurry and cannot make it to our yard just give us a call at (03) 544 6352 and we can bring the tarp to you.

We also pick up to make things easy (please fold up and have ready to go).


Pricing all prices +gst

Size Minimum Charge
(First 4 Days)
Daily Rate Monthly Rate
4 x 4 (16m2)
6 x 4 (24m2)
$60 + Gst $15 + Gst $12 + Gst
8 x 4 (32m2)
6 x 6 36m2)
8 x 6 (48m2)
$70 + Gst $18 + Gst $15 + Gst
8 x 8 (64m2)
8 x 10 (80m2)
$100 + Gst $25 + Gst $18 + Gst
10 x 10 (100m2)
12 x 10 (120m2)
$110 + Gst $30 + Gst $21 + Gst
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